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Lawn Restoration & Maintenance

Neighbours will be jealous of your beautiful lawn!

Professional lawn maintenance

My sole goal in life is to leave my clients with better looking lawn than the neighbors.  You always want to be the lawn that people point to and say wow.  If I can get my lawn to look like that.  Than I’m all aboard.

I love to make sure we do an excellence job when we cut your grass.  We follow all of the main rules to ensure that the lawn is groom for health and growth.  One thing is for sure we do not cut it when its too low and when it too wet.  Making sure that the lawn is cut no more than a 3rd of the blade ensures minimal damage to the main structure of the blade.

How to hire us

Easy.  Just give us a call at 847-400-1536 and we will come out there and take a look at your yard.  Our Prices start at $35 for a small yard.  Send us a message and we would love to help you out!


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